About Us

“I am building a legacy that I hope my daughter will continue someday. I want to thank my family and friends that have helped make this possible. I especially want to thank my wife, Luciana and my daughter Marcella who are supporting me as I go on this journey to make my american dream a reality. Here is to J.R. Revelry and chasing your dreams.

For many immigrants coming to the U.S., the journey to achieve the American Dream can be a long, arduous path. Jesus Ricardo Tapia, or “Rick” to his friends, found the way to achieve his dream as an entrepreneur. This is his story. Born in Peru, Rick moved to New York when he was five. His parents’ hard work and sacrifice motivated Rick to pursue a business degree from Boston University. Over 20 years, Tapia worked for the finest names in the spirits industry developing a refined taste and unique expertise in the field. In Atlanta since 2006, Tapia has recently launched his own venture: La Bodega Internacional, LLC (LBI), inspired by his memories of the neighborhood bodega. Based in Atlanta, LBI produces specialty, handcrafted, premium spirits, including J.R. Revelry Bourbon Whiskey. J.R. Revelry is an All-American craft bourbon, that debuted in 2015 to delight the palates of those who look for the smooth, flavorful taste of well-crafted bourbon.